Event Storming for Tracking Design

Whether you're a marketer, developer, or data analyst, this workshop will equip you with the skills to improve your projects and drive better results.

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1 hour

About this course

To me, event storming is the simplest, yet most powerful workshop format for understanding how things work.

You use it to gather information about how flows and processes work. I use it extensively to map multiple events, from how people learn about an application, to how they land on the website, to how they become your biggest fans.

The information gathered is about actions, events, data provided, open questions, and systems involved.
I then use the results to create a tracking design. I zoom out on all the information I have mapped, but I can always zoom back in to see if I missed anything.

In this course, we do event storming in the context of tracking design, but you can use the format for anything involving data.

Who is this course for

Product Analyst
You are the product data detective (Mrs. or Mr. Holmes), using your analytical skills to uncover insights from your products. You help businesses make strategic decisions and drive growth by identifying trends and patterns in the data.
Product Manager
As a product manager who works with data, you are like a digital wizard, using your magical powers to predict what our customers need. You spend your days analyzing numbers and making recommendations to improve our products.
Marketing Analyst
You are like a secret agent, using your spy-like skills to analyze campaign performance. They comb through mountains of data to tell us what's working, what's not, and how we can improve our marketing strategies.


The choice is yours - you can either immerse yourself and complete the course in one go, or take a more gradual approach by repeating and skipping between lessons at your own pace.


The best way to learn is by taking action, so it's time to get ready to work.
Here are some of the things you'll get out of doing this course:
Learn what event storming is
For what you can use event storming
What are the assets in an event storming workshop
How to use event storming for tracking design

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