Getting started with ELT

Data integration plays an important part in any data project. To show and analyze business performance, you usually need data from different sources. In this session, we show how to integrate data using five different data products to load standard Github data into BigQuery.

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1,5 hours

About this course

What is it now ETL, ELT? We answer these questions and some more. In this session, we explain the process and importance of data integration. After that, we show how to use five different data products to load standard data into a database: Fivetran, Keboola, Airbyte, Hevo, and Stitch.

Who is this course for

Analytics Engineer
You are the ones who bring all our data to life and turn it into valuable insights. The ones who turn data into gold, like a modern-day alchemist.
Marketing Analyst
You are like a secret agent, using your spy-like skills to analyze campaign performance. They comb through mountains of data to tell us what's working, what's not, and how we can improve our marketing strategies.
Product Analyst
You are the product data detective (Mrs. or Mr. Holmes), using your analytical skills to uncover insights from your products. You help businesses make strategic decisions and drive growth by identifying trends and patterns in the data.


The choice is yours - you can either immerse yourself and complete the course in one go, or take a more gradual approach by repeating and skipping between lessons at your own pace.


The best way to learn is by taking action, so it's time to get ready to work.
Here are some of the things you'll get out of doing this course:
What does ELT or ETL mean?
What is the difference between standard and custom data sources
How to use Fivetran to load Github data into BigQuery
How to use Keboola to load Github data into BigQuery
How to use Airbyte to load Github data into BigQuery
How to use Hevo to load Github data into BigQuery
How to use Stitch to load Github data into BigQuery

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