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Amplitude Tracking Plan & Implementation Guide

What can you expect?

A really good tracking plan enables you to get easily 2-3 times more insights from your analytics data. A good plan is aligned to your business model, goals and user flows. The plan makes sure that your tracking is extended with the right events and the right context information.

It enables you to understand more of your user’s behavior and let’s you build extensive segments with the additional context information to discover power user groups and groups that can easily be improved.

When this is the right package for you?

Usually you already have a setup for some time. Most often it’s the initial basic setup tracking all pages/screens and some events.

Sometimes it can be an outgrown setup. That has been growing over time and becomes unmanageable. So a tracking plan would be a welcoming clean up.

Or you start fresh and want to make sure to track the essentials from day 1. This is often the case when you are a venture-based startup with an extreme need to validate hypothesis quickly.

What you get from us?

A tracking plan. But more than this. In our kick off call we interview you about your goals and use cases that you cover. Based on that we develop a tracking plan for you based on our experiences of developing over 50 plans yet.

Our tracking plans are always visually. We work with screenshots in Miro or Mural adding tracking information where it happens. With code examples for an easy technical implementation (based on your analytics tools and your programming language). A good development team usually implements our plans in 2-3 weeks.

We also provide you with a guide how you can test the implementation based on the analytics tools you use.

You have two package options

Popular: Custom fit for a perfect price and quick delivery

This is our most popular package. You get a tracking plan that is handcrafted to perfectly fit your business case & website/application. You give us all required information by doing our initial interactive survey. We also set up a private Slack channel with you where you can send us all your questions. We then create your custom plan. You receive the plan and our extensive implementation documentation that helps you and your developers to quickly implement the tracking.

What is included:

- Custom Tracking Plan fitting your business case & website/application

- Implementation Guide

- Slack channel for answering your immediate questions

Premium: Custom fit tracking plan & personal assistance

You get everything from the package above. But additionally we assign a consultant that will work with you directly to handle your requirements and questions.

What is included:

- Custom Tracking Plan fitting your business case & website/application

- Implementation Guide

- Personal Analytics Consultant assigned to you

- 1x KickOff Call, 1x Results & Implementation Walk through Call

Sounds interesting? Here are more details

You want to learn how people are using your website or applications. You maybe have a simple implementation or you are planing to have one. So now you would like to reach the next step and go beyond. You want to get a good foundation of data.

Or you see have a setup where some stuff is not set up in a proper way. You definitely want to get your current tracking set up on a pro-level. You want to consolidate your data.

Here is what we do for you:

We sit down with you and we are looking at two things:

One is, we look at the business goals, you are currently have and future ones that might come.

The other one is, we look into your major user flows to understand what are usual interactions with your website or application.

This all also depends on the stage your business is currently at. So we ask questions like:

"What is important for you right now? Which kind of steps do you need to measure at the moment? Maybe you are in an expansion phase, so maybe acquisition is really something important for you. Right now, you might have a focus on retention."

This gives us an idea, where we should set the focus of the tracking plan.

Based on these insights we will go through the user flows together and we will collect plenty of screenshots of all steps that we want to track.

With this amount of information gathered we will then go into the conceptional phase. Here we basically construct the tracking plan that will cover all use cases we have defined before.

You will then receive the tracking plan from us.

We usually create the tracking plan using a visual tool like Miro or Mural. This give us the best setup to create a visual tracking plan.

Why visual?

For a long time I created tracking plans using spreadsheets and it worked well. But a some time was always spent on the question "Where is this event really triggered". Some month ago I started to document tracking plans also using screenshots and markers where events are triggered in Miro. This changed the conversations in projects dramatically. We didn't need to spent time anymore to get everyone on the same page where tracking will happen. So today I usually only create visual tracking plans.

The tracking plan defines for every event:

  • Screenshot and marker where it is triggered
  • Event name
  • Event properties - all the context information we want to add
  • Implementation code sample (based on your technical platform and the analytics tool)
  • Priority

When you have implemented the tracking events (don't have to be all of them, maybe 60-80%), you can book a checkup package.

The size of the checkup packages determines how many events will be checked within one package. So, if you want us to check all the events that have been implemented, you might need to buy a larger kind of package. We can do the testing on staging or production systems.

An additional package, which is often booked, is an implementation monitoring. Once the new tracking setup is going live, we can set up a monitoring for you. So, we can monitor all the new events from a specific timeframe, and we can make sure, that the data will keep their quality. Moreover, we will see, if there are some outliers.

So if you would like to have a pro-level tracking setup, our tracking plan is the way to go. If you have any questions, please book a free call. We are happy to welcome you as our future customer. Thank you!

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Popular ( 3-4 days )


Custom tracking plan with quick delivery - Special Price

  • Custom Tracking plan fitting your business case & website/application
  • Implementation Guide
  • Private Slack channel for answering your immediate questions

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Premium ( 2-3 weeks )


Custom tracking plan - Personal Consultant

  • Custom Tracking Plan fitting your business case & website/application
  • Implementation Guide
  • Personal Analytics Consultant assigned to you
  • 1x KickOff Call, 1x Results & Implementation Walk through Call

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