Create a tracking plan for Airbnb

Watch this hands-on tracking plan course to learn how we design tracking events for Airbnb.

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Time to Complete
1,5 hours

About this course

Let's say Airbnb has hired us to help them to clean up their event tracking.

How do we approach this not-so-simple task?
In this course, I apply the principles of customer & product and interaction (this just a little bit) events on a tracking plan for Airbnb.
All event data will be designed using the entity & activity approach. With a special emphasis on the usage of properties.
Follow me to see my thinking and reasoning and how I make decisions about the tracking structure. This is a hands-on example to learn how to design a tracking plan with a good amount of events.

Who is this course for

Product Analyst
You are the product data detective (Mrs. or Mr. Holmes), using your analytical skills to uncover insights from your products. You help businesses make strategic decisions and drive growth by identifying trends and patterns in the data.
Web Developer
You are the one who makes sure the website collects all the juicy data on who's visiting, where they're coming from, and what they're up to. You are the creative geniuses who use their coding skills to make your website look amazing and tracking just works.
Product Manager
As a product manager who works with data, you are like a digital wizard, using your magical powers to predict what our customers need. You spend your days analyzing numbers and making recommendations to improve our products.


The choice is yours - you can either immerse yourself and complete the course in one go, or take a more gradual approach by repeating and skipping between lessons at your own pace.


The best way to learn is by taking action, so it's time to get ready to work.
Here are some of the things you'll get out of doing this course:
Understanding the process of defining good business and product entities is crucial for success
Recognizing the reasons for tracking events multiple times for different scopes can help in optimizing business strategies
Being able to make design decisions that balance abstract concepts with those tailored to the specific business can enhance the overall effectiveness of a project
Recognizing the power of event properties and knowing how to use them effectively can lead to more accurate and targeted data analysis

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