Data Collection & Tracking Design 101

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What works better than the metrics-based approach is the business-based approach. This means that you create a map of your business, some kind of "blueprint" in which you define your different business areas (not teams- important!). You can break up the business areas into different business objects; e.g. in the data business, you create a map that is divided up into the objects - 'account', 'subscriptions', and 'sessions'. After that you can describe the different activities of the objects: e.g. account activities might be 'create, update, enhance, etc.' (for 'subscriptions: 'create, renew, cancel, etc.' & for 'sessions: start, finish successfully, etc.'). With this kind of plan, you are able to deliver the data in the right shape to the right place. Your reporting (e.g. 'how many data accounts have been created?') becomes a lot easier.