Data Collection & Tracking Design 101

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When everything is ready for creating a tracking plan the 'segment model' (combination of action & object) appears to be a good resource/ approach. What does 'segment model' mean? It is all about events that consist of a combination of actions and objects. So the events get broken up into action and object (e.g. sign up finished or finished sign up). For each event, people can define properties (e.g. sign up method = google sign up). The segment model is easy to understand. Moreover, it can be shared within the teams very fast and offers an easy model to define events. But the low abstraction level can lead to people creating too many events and loose their clear focus or macro-structure. (This results from the interaction focus where people go through the application or interface and try to define very precisely all the events that take place within the application). However, it is not recommended to create too many events, as it causes a lot of distraction. And makes analysis later pretty hard.