Data Collection & Tracking Design 101

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After the definition of all business events, it seems also appropriate to look at the area of 'product events'. 'Product events' are product/service related, they are highly abstract (using entities) and they should make visible how different users are using the product features (it is not about interaction, which is more detailed). Sometimes it is hard to differentiate 'product events' from 'business events'. E.g. subscription events could be a product feature but can be moved up to the (higher) business level, too. The easiest way to distinguish between product and business events seems to be the 'importance of the event for your business'. E.g. a list in an online shop most likely has no relevance for your company reporting but is highly interesting for your product team. So the importance for your business seems low and it is a 'product event' (and not a 'business event').